Innovative Poach Series

Innovative Poach Series - The Poach Advantage and Poach Extreme are two of the most innovative pickleball paddles on the market today. The anchor of the line is the Poach Advantage which is a tradionally shaped pickleball racquet. It was the first paddle to have a hitting surface comprised of 6 layers of material. This "proprietary variable release" surface designed by Engage creates incredible ball responsiveness and power while maintaining a very soft feel on touch shots. The textured face produces exceptional spin while still meeting USAPA guidelines. Leveraging a unique uni-directional texture, the paddle gives players an exceptional ability to use topspin and backspin to "work" the ball.

Engage also brings innovation to the development of the core of the Poach paddles. They have created a core that behaves differently under different swing speeds. During faster swings, the core acts as a power paddle returning energy to the ball. During slower swings, the core acts as a control paddle absorbing energy and producing a softer touch. The chemistry used to create the polymer render it black, rather than the customary white, so Engage calls this core "Control Pro Black". The result is a paddle that produces great power, has a large sweet spot, and still has a fantastic soft feel for accurate placement of the ball. The paddle is also designed to flex producing less vibration, a softer feel and more power.

The next member of the Poach family is the Poach Extreme which uses all the same technology in the skin and core as the Poach Advantage, but in a blade or elongated shape. The longer hitting surface gives players a larger sweet spot positioned further toward the end of the paddle. The longer hitting surface gives players the ability to reach further and still make solid contact with the ball. It also enhances the player's ability to create spin.

Both the Poach Advantage and the Poach Extreme come in two weight classes.

Standard Weight - 7.9 - 8.3 oz

Light Weight - 7.5 - 7.8 oz

Both paddles have a medium 5 inch handle. The handle has recently been reinforced to handle the toughest play without breakage. The Poach Advantage is 8 inches wide and the Poach Extreme is 7 inches wide.

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