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V550 White Summer SeriesV550 White Summer Series

Vulcan V550 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle


The Vulcan V550 “Entropy” is designed for players who prefer the trending elongated shape pickleball paddle.



Vulcan V550 Hybrid pickleball paddle is designed for players who prefer the trending elongated shape pickleball paddle. Produces extra reach and a blend of power and control, with the sweet spot positioned above the mid-point of the paddle face. Standard 13mm polypropylene core with carbon fiber V-Skin surface and inserts. Vulcan Max Control Grip at 4-1/4”. Paddle is made to 7.9 oz. Standard Weight.

The Vulcan Summer Series White design is available for a limited time.

Compare Vulcan V500 Series Pickleball Paddles  Paddle V510 V520 V530 V540 V550 Weight 7.9 oz. 7.9 oz. 8.4 oz. 8.0 oz. 7.9 oz. Core Thickness 13mm 13mm 16mm 16mm 13mm Paddle Shape Modern Modern Wide Modern Elongated Player Style Hybrid Control Power Hybrid



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