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Vulcan V510 Pink Geo pickleball paddleVulcan V510 Pink Geo pickleball paddle

Vulcan V510 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle


The Vulcan V510 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle is a mid-weight paddle providing players a textured face for increased spin capability.


The Vulcan V510 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle is designed for all-court players who mix up shots with variety. Produces a blend of power and control. Features the Modern Shape, with standard 13mm polypropylene core with carbon fiber V-Skin surface. Vulcan Max Control Grip at 4-1/4”. Paddle is made to 7.9 oz. Standard Weight.

The Vulcan V510 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle has a traditional shape that's perfect for mixing things up on court and adapting to any scenario. It has a fairly broad face that allows players to make use of different areas of the paddle thanks to a generous sweet spot. It has a slightly slimmer than usual grip for easy handling and comes in a balanced weight that provides both pop and control.

The Vulcan V510 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle keeps you covered on court defense and has a solid face that allows you to respond tactically in any situation.

Available in 2 Colors:  Pink Geo, Light Geo





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