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SPPP-2T EarringsSPPP-2T Earrings

Pickleball Pizzazz Earrings


The Pizzazz Pickleball Earrings will add sparkle and shine to your look.


The Pickleball Pizzazz Earrings are one of the cutest pickleball accessories you could own! These round little pickleballs have glimmering rhinestones instead of holes and almost resemble miniature disco balls when they catch the light. They’re subtle enough to wear with any ensemble, but sparkly enough to garner attention and compliments.

The Pickleball Pizzazz Earrings come in either stud or drop format. They are silver-plated and 10mm in size, meaning they’re small enough to safely wear during games. These earrings come in a dazzling rainbow of colors so you can be sure to get the right pair to match your ensemble.

The Pickleball Pizzazz Earrings are sure to add the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to your look.

Available in the following colors: Crystal (white), Red, Aqua, Light Pink (pink), Light Yellow (gold), Purple Amethyst (lavender), Light Olive (green), Sapphire (blue), and Dark Burgundy (garnet).

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