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Gamma Twister Polymer Pickleball Paddle


The Gamma Twister is a light-weight pickleball paddle to make quick work of your opponent.


Gamma’s new Twister pickleball paddle is the lightest offering in Gamma's PolyCore paddle family. This 7.4 oz paddle, featuring a textured paddle face fused to the poly core, allows you to make quick work of your opponent. This is a great introductory paddle.  The signature Gamma honeycomb cushion grip will create a solid connection between you and your paddle.


Complies with USAPA specifications


Gamma Honeycomb Grip - extra tacky, firm surface, high traction, absorbs moisture

Grip size:  4 1/8in

Grip Length:  4.25in

Paddle Face:  Textured fiberglass

Weight:  ~7.4oz





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Pickleball is a sport designed to engage all ages and levels of expertise and can be played both inside and outside. Pickleball is a co-ed sport that brings everybody together on the court to play and socialize. 

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