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Gamma Pin Elongated Polymer Composite Pickleball Paddle


Gamma Pin Elongated pickleball paddle gives you extra reach with plenty of power.


The Gamma Pin elongated pickleball paddle features a composite fiberglass face that provides plenty of pop off of the paddle. The weight is also closer to the top of the paddle, ensuring your swing contains maximum power.  Gamma elongated paddles extend the length of the paddle, but reduce the width by less than an inch.

Sensa Poly Core technology provides touch and enables dink shots to be hit at sharp angles while still maintaining control. The textured composite face provides pop and power to drive shots home for the win! The Pin features a new signature Gamma Honeycomb Cushion Grip color.

Put your opponent on Pins and Needles when they see you step on the court!

Complies with USAPA specifications


Gamma Honeycomb Grip - extra tacky, firm surface, high traction, absorbs moisturre

Grip size:  4 1/8in

Grip Length:  4.25in

Paddle Face:  Textured fiberglass

Weight:  ~8.0oz

Complies with USAPA Specifications



Pickleball is a sport designed to engage all ages and levels of expertise and can be played both inside and outside. Pickleball is a co-ed sport that brings everybody together on the court to play and socialize. 

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