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Gamma COMPASS NeuCore Pickleball Paddle


The Gamma Compass NeuCore pickleball paddle will help you play better pickleball.


Introduced at the 2019 US Open Pickleball Tournament, the Gamma Compass pickleball paddle will point your way to victory.  The Compass NeuCore pickleball racquet is shaped similiar to the top-selling Gamma Needle, and is a 7.75oz graphite faced, elongated paddle giving you an extra inch of length for added reach, a large sweet spot, and a balanced feel.  The graphite face provides touch and control, while the NeuCore technology produces a rich, soft playability.

The core in this paddle is a new NeuCore Technology.  This technology is made up of drastically increased cell size and paddle core depth which produces responsiveness and enhanced predictability helping you to play better pickleball.

  • 25% thicker large cell core
  • Softer and more responsive feel for more control
  • Predictable power to keep the ball in play
  • Large cell core absorbs sound waves for quieter play
  • Signature Gamma honeycomb cushion grip
  • USAPA approved for sanctioned play


Gamma Honeycomb Grip - extra tacky, firm surface, high traction, absorbs moisturre

Grip size:  4 1/8in

Grip Length:  4.75in

Paddle Face:  Textured graphite 

Weight:  ~7.75oz

Poly Core Construction:  NeuCore Technology

Colors:  Grey

Length:  16 5/8 inches

Width:  7 1/8 inches






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