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Gamma Compass LH front viewGamma Compass LH front view

Gamma Compass LH Elongated Pickleball Paddle


The Gamma Compass LH features a longer handle for players that like to use two hands to hit all types of shots offering incredible control, spin, balance.


The Compass LH Elongated Pickleball Paddle comes with a 6-1/4" long handle that's perfect for those who enjoy double-handed shots. You'll never have to worry about coming up short or struggling to return a cross-court ball thanks to this paddle's generous length. In addition to its long distance maneuverability, the Compass LH uses NeuCore technology that results in a gentler and more responsive feel.

The Compass LH Elongated Pickleball Paddle is lightweight at an average of 7.2 oz so that your movements are quick and you won't feel tired after long play sessions. The graphite surface is lightly textured to help improve spin and control. A red and silver design sits on the left side of the paddle while the right is printed with the Compass LH name and GAMMA logo.

The Compass LH Elongated Pickleball Paddle will allow you to cover every part of the court with its fast and versatile construction.


Gamma Honeycomb Grip - extra tacky, firm surface, high traction, absorbs moisture

Grip size:  4 1/8 in

Grip Length:  6.25 in

Paddle Face:  Textured graphite 

Weight:  ~7.2 oz

Poly Core Construction:  NeuCore Technology

Colors:  Grey







Pickleball is a sport designed to engage all ages and levels of expertise and can be played both inside and outside. Pickleball is a co-ed sport that brings everybody together on the court to play and socialize. 

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