Best Pickleball

There are a number of different pickleballs.  Some are listed as "outdoor" balls and some as "indoor" balls.  But what's the difference and what is the best pickleball?

The difference is in the weight of the ball and the size of the holes and number of holes. From these differences the ball will play differently indoors and outdoors.  So, the best pickleball depends on where you are playing and the playing conditions.

Pickleballs also come in a variety of colors.  The best colors is a personal preference and depends on the background colors and lighting in your pickleball venue.  Stay away from ball colors that are similiar to the color of the floor and the background walls or tarps.  Find a color that everyone can see easily.

OUTDOOR PICKLEBALLSDura Outdoor Pickleball

Outdoor balls weigh slightly more. They have 40 holes. Some are larger and some are smaller. This allows the wind to pass through the ball and the ball not get blown around as much.  They are more stable, or truer in flight, which allows you to have more control of the ball in outdoor windy conditions.

INDOOR PICKLEBALLS  Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleball

Indoor balls are slightly lighter. They have 26 holes all of the same size. Indoor balls have the larger sized holes. This makes it easier to dink and drive the ball indoors.

Another factor you should consider is the playing surface.  The indoor balls are meant to be used on wood gymnasium floors and composite gym flooring.  Outdoor balls can be used also on indoor tennis courts which are more textured surfaces similar to outdoor surfaces.

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