Beat the Corona Virus With Pickleball

Beat the Corona Virus! Start playing pickleball.

What have we learned about those who have unfavorable outcomes from the corona virus? The vast majority have other major underlying health issues that create complications and advance the disease. Health issues such as diabetes, heart conditions, asthma, obesity to name a few. So, if there is anything we should take away from this time its to take better care of ourselves. Eat better, get more exercise. Just find something you enjoy doing so you will keep it up.

Pickleball is a great game that's fun for the whole family. Recreational games are not physically demanding. All that's needed is a little bit of hand/eye coordination. The rules are simple and few. The game has 3 basic rules: 1)the serve must be below the server's waist, 2)double bounce rule - the serve must bounce and return of serve must bounce before the player strikes the ball, 3)you cannot take the ball out of the air while standing inside the non-volley zone (aka the kitchen).

Pickleball can be played anywhere that there is a flat, hard surface. You can set up a court on your driveway, a dead-end street, a cul-de-sac, a parking lot, a basketball court, an indoor fellowship hall or gym of a church, a tennis court, use your imagination.

Right now all of our Complete Sets and Paddle Bundles are on sale to get you started on your pickleball adventure. All of the sets come with everything you need to start playing: a rule book or rule summary sheet, paddles, balls, a net, and some include a portable net system which includes the poles. Paddles bundles include a set of paddles, balls, and some include paddle covers and bags.

Enjoy hours of family fun while getting healthy exercise to build your immune system against viruses or all kinds, start playing pickleball today!

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Innovative Poach Series

Innovative Poach Series - The Poach Advantage and Poach Extreme are two of the most innovative pickleball paddles on the market today. The anchor of the line is the Poach Advantage which is a tradionally shaped pickleball racquet. It was the first paddle to have a hitting surface comprised of 6 layers of material. This "proprietary variable release" surface designed by Engage creates incredible ball responsiveness and power while maintaining a very soft feel on touch shots. The textured face produces exceptional spin while still meeting USAPA guidelines. Leveraging a unique uni-directional texture, the paddle gives players an exceptional ability to use topspin and backspin to "work" the ball.

Engage also brings innovation to the development of the core of the Poach paddles. They have created a core that behaves differently under different swing speeds. During faster swings, the core acts as a power paddle returning energy to the ball. During slower swings, the core acts as a control paddle absorbing energy and producing a softer touch. The chemistry used to create the polymer render it black, rather than the customary white, so Engage calls this core "Control Pro Black". The result is a paddle that produces great power, has a large sweet spot, and still has a fantastic soft feel for accurate placement of the ball. The paddle is also designed to flex producing less vibration, a softer feel and more power.

The next member of the Poach family is the Poach Extreme which uses all the same technology in the skin and core as the Poach Advantage, but in a blade or elongated shape. The longer hitting surface gives players a larger sweet spot positioned further toward the end of the paddle. The longer hitting surface gives players the ability to reach further and still make solid contact with the ball. It also enhances the player's ability to create spin.

Both the Poach Advantage and the Poach Extreme come in two weight classes.

Standard Weight - 7.9 - 8.3 oz

Light Weight - 7.5 - 7.8 oz

Both paddles have a medium 5 inch handle. The handle has recently been reinforced to handle the toughest play without breakage. The Poach Advantage is 8 inches wide and the Poach Extreme is 7 inches wide.

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Best Pickleball

There are a number of different pickleballs.  Some are listed as "outdoor" balls and some as "indoor" balls.  But what's the difference and what is the best pickleball?

The difference is in the weight of the ball and the size of the holes and number of holes. From these differences the ball will play differently indoors and outdoors.  So, the best pickleball depends on where you are playing and the playing conditions.

Pickleballs also come in a variety of colors.  The best colors is a personal preference and depends on the background colors and lighting in your pickleball venue.  Stay away from ball colors that are similiar to the color of the floor and the background walls or tarps.  Find a color that everyone can see easily.

OUTDOOR PICKLEBALLSDura Outdoor Pickleball

Outdoor balls weigh slightly more. They have 40 holes. Some are larger and some are smaller. This allows the wind to pass through the ball and the ball not get blown around as much.  They are more stable, or truer in flight, which allows you to have more control of the ball in outdoor windy conditions.

INDOOR PICKLEBALLS  Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleball

Indoor balls are slightly lighter. They have 26 holes all of the same size. Indoor balls have the larger sized holes. This makes it easier to dink and drive the ball indoors.

Another factor you should consider is the playing surface.  The indoor balls are meant to be used on wood gymnasium floors and composite gym flooring.  Outdoor balls can be used also on indoor tennis courts which are more textured surfaces similar to outdoor surfaces.

The list of USAPA/IFP Approved Tournament pickleballs can be found at

At, we only carry balls that are approved by the USAPA.  You can find our entire line of USAPA pickleballs at   Just click the link to purchase USAPA approved pickleballs for your next game or tournament.


There are many factors to consider when selecting a paddle that suits you best.  Below are some suggestions to help you decide on the best pickleball paddle for you.

  1.  Paddle Weight – First, and probably most important is the weight.

Heavier – a heavier paddle will allow you to use the paddle's weight when returning the ball.  A heavier paddle doesn’t require a harder swing.  A heavier paddle may require more arm strength.  Light hitters prefer a heavier paddle.  Based on my experience, beginners should choose a midweight paddle in the 7.5-7.9 range.  Also, tennis players converting to pickleball generally prefer a heavier paddle (i.e, 7.9oz and up).  Tennis racquets weight 9oz on the extremely light side to 12oz on the heavier side.  Tennis players are used to generating swing speed and can handle a heavier pickleball paddle.

Lighter – A lighter paddle will require a faster and harder swing to return the ball.  A lighter paddle will require less arm strength.  Hard hitters/bangers prefer a lighter paddle.  In my experience, racquetball players converting to pickleball prefer lighter paddles.  If you hit with a lot of wrist-snap (like racquetball and badminton), you will want to consider a lighter paddle that will allow you a faster wrist-snap in pickleball.

Another consideration about weight – If you are bothered by arm injuries, consider a midweight paddle over a light paddle.  The more weight you can comfortably handle the more stress the weight of the paddle will take off of your arm.  You won’t need to swing as hard.  The paddle absorbs the blow, not your arm.  The more stable the paddle is upon striking the ball, the easier it is for your arm.


  1. Paddle Grip – Second factor is how well the grip fit your hand

Handle Length – A longer handle length will shorten the face of the paddle.  Former tennis players who are prone to using two handed backhands may prefer a paddle with a longer handle.  Some players think the longer handle gives them more balance in the paddle.  Ping pong players who are used to choking up on their paddle, often prefer a shorter handle on a pickleball paddle.

Thin or Thick – A thin grip handle is best for smaller hands.  A thick grip offers more comfort and may offer more control.  A thicker grip handle is normally more cushioned and helps to absorb some of the shock from hitting the ball.  A thick grip may be best for those who are susceptible to tennis elbow or arthritis.

Note:  I would refer you to my last blog about how to select the right size grip.  Plus options for adding cushioning and moisture absorption with overgrips.

  1. Material -  Graphite, Polymer, or Fiberglass? What is best?  It’s all a matter of personal preference.

Hitting surfaces are generally either graphite, a polymer composite, or a fiberglass composite.  Depending on the manufacturer, graphite paddles tend to weigh slightly less.  Some think a graphite paddle offers them more control. Some say the ball pops off the paddle faster with a graphite paddle. Some players prefer the composite paddle because of the popping sound that comes from the paddle when hitting the ball.  When comparing graphite and composite paddles... it's best to compare the same brand paddle side by side, ex. Engage composite with Engage graphite. It's hard to compare a graphite and composite paddle from two different manufacturers.

There are some new great innovations on the market for paddle faces.  Engagepickleball has developed a liquid graphite face that bonds with the core of the paddle making it all one piece providing a firmer feeling strike on the ball.  Selkirk has developed a new fiberglass face called fiberflex.

Both graphite and fiberglass provide enough roughness to generate good spin on the ball.

Paddle Cores - Most paddle cores are made of a composite material. A composite core paddle material is made of varying material... which may include: carbon fibers, aluminum, aramid, polymers, fiberglass and resins.

Polymer cores are the most popular.  They provide a softer feel upon striking the ball.  They are much quieter than the aluminum and aramid core paddles. Most communities with noise requirements provide a list of “allowed” paddles and they are generally polymer core paddles.  Polymer cores also provide more power.  It’s my opinion the industry at this point is headed more and more toward polymers.

Aluminum core paddles were the first innovation after wooden paddles.  There are fewer and fewer aluminum core paddles on the market.  Aramid is a special kind of fire-retardant aluminum used in the aircraft industry.  It is a very hard material which creates a very high decimal pop and a very solid feel when striking the ball.  Both aluminum and aramid provide a very hard paddle with a big pop on impact.

What about the extra-long (elongated) paddles?  These are a good choice for people with knee or hip problems that prevent them from bending over to reach balls low to the ground.  I am 5 ft 2in and find the longer paddle gives me more reach into the kitchen, to get to balls hit over my head, and even allows me to reach balls driven away from me more often than with my older square paddle.

Now what do I do next?

TRY IT – Ask to borrow a paddle or use a demo paddle provided by your club.  Play and lose 2 games with that paddle. If you still love the paddle after losing...Congratulations! You've found your paddle!  There really is no substitute for feeling the paddle in your hand and hitting a few balls with it.  If the place you play doesn’t have a demo program, have them contact me and I’ll be happy to work with them to get a variety of demo paddles for you and your buddies.

Go to to find the Pickleball Paddle that's right for you.


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Paddle manufacturers list several grip sizes for their paddles.  Many times when you order a paddle, you can select what grip size you want.  So, how do you know what is right for you?  Well, here’s some tips to select the right grip size for you.

  1. Hold the paddle like you normally hold it while playing.
  2. With your opposite hands index finger, place it between the meaty part of your hand just below the thumb and the longest finger of the hand that's holding the paddle. It should fit comfortably in this gap.

If your finger doesn't fit then your grip may be too small.
If there is a very large gap, your grip may be too large.

If you don't have a pickleball paddle handy, you can also measure your grip size using a ruler. With your hand open and fingers extended close together, align the ruler with the bottom lateral crease of your palm and measure to the tip of your ring finger.

Keep in mind, it's easier to increase grip size on most paddles. If you're between grip sizes, use a trick I’ve used for years. Buy a size smaller grip and then use an overgrip wrap. A typical overgrip will increase a grip by 1/16 inch. Overgrips can easily be replaced when they get worn and dirty for a fraction of the cost of a replacement grip. A fresh, properly wrapped grip helps with moisture absorption, provides you with better paddle control and increased confidence.

Select the best grip that gives you the best control when hitting the ball. The paddle should not slip/twist in your hand when hitting the ball.  If you do select a thick grip handle that is cushioned, you may also want to "overwrap" the handle. This may help in keeping sweat from absorbing into the grip and causing it to slip in your hands.

At all of our Engage line of paddles may be ordered in any grip size for no additional cost.  The standard grip size is listed in each paddle specs.  For the Selkirk line of paddles, the standard grip is 4 1/4.  There is an additional charge of $5.00 for a thin grip of 4 inch, a double grip size (4 ½), or for the Selkirk Contour grip.  Gamma, Head, and Paddletek all list the grip size in the paddle specs.

We also carry Gamma and Vulcan replacement grips and overgrips.

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